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Foster Creativity! Support a growing talented, vibrant and creative team

A great platform to show case your brand and connect with families in the community

We regard our sponsors as partners who appreciate the amount of effort Zaytouna students put forward to make any event a success. Zaytouna is proud to have delivered on its set promises so far with multiple sold out events throughout the past two years. Bringing successful exposure and business traffic to our sponsors’ brands.Our sponsorship packages vary in two levels, Corporate Sponsorship and Event Specific Sponsorship Opportunities.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Sponsor a talented student ($50/ month)
  • Sponsor a Classroom: the room becomes named after the sponsor’s brand name. Exposure to all students, their parents, in the schedules sections and on all our social media channel

Events Sponsorship Opportunities:

For more information please contact us

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