Zaytouna Academy of Cultural Arts


Dabket Al Shammaliya is the foundation of dabk in the Ramallah Area in Palestine 

Al Shamaliya Moves:

(The foundation of dabke in the Ramallah area)

Note: Not all the moves are used in the Shammaliya theater performance, the moves used and the repetition count depends on the music or song used. The moves are the foundation moves of Al Dakbe Al Sha3biya and can be incorporated into many of the traditional Sha3bi moves

دبكة الشمالية الشعبية الأصلية على لحن الدلعونا

Traditional Shamaliya Dabke on Daloona Beat 

Source: Al Samer Film for Dabke Training - The Popular Art Center, Ramallah

Al Shammaliya Theater Performance 

This is what we teach as a second or third level for new joiners and our theater performance 

NOTE: There are a lot of moves in the traditional & the training above that can be incorporated in many new performances so it is essential to gradually master and use all the  moves 

Source: Al Funoun Popular Dance Troupe - Beir Zeit Festival