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Dabke (Arabic: دبكة‎‎ )is a modern Arab folk circle dance of possible Canaanite origin . It is performed in Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Syria amongst others in the region. Dabke combines circle dance and line dancing and is widely performed at festivals, weddings and other joyous occasions. Dabke is good for your body and your soul! It is a fun group dance that stimulates us physically and emotionally, boosts the moral and gives you an amazing dose of happiness. It has a social element to it, it teaches you to cooperate and synchronize with others. 

Zaytouna Dabke
Age 10 years & Up 

Our program offers unmatched opportunity for our children of all ages to get together in a safe, healthy and cultural environment to practice Dabke, learn about their roots and become proud and contributing Canadians of Arabic origins. Training is culminated with stage performances and theater events attended by hundreds of spectators from all walks of life. 

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Class Schedule 

Move with Dabke (Ladies)
Age 13 years & Ups

How about a well-deserved time off for yourself? At Zaytouna, we offer adult ladies Dabke classes that are full of fun, energy and a flavour of home. These classes are very popular among women who are looking for a fun-based workout with stomps, jumps, twists, steps, songs, claps and lots of smiles.

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Class Schedule 

Zaytouna Tatreez
Age 10 Years & Up

At Zaytouna, we are so keen to pass on crafty skills such as Tatreez that we have witnessed our great grandmothers and grandmothers master. Making for us as we grew up handy, warm and unique garments on various occasions or just before the cold winter season.

Have a look at all the classes we have scheduled. It does not matter if you are an absolute beginner or an advanced knitter or anywhere in between. The fun and the socializing Tatreez will bring you will remain memorable.

As for materials, you may bring your own or purchase them at Zaytouna. For pre-arrangement please call us or send an email to [email protected]

Come just a bit early so you have time to check the available colours and tools.

Zaytouna Give Back

This program will focus on involvement in community work through simple gestures, activities and events. Emphasis will be on the importance of volunteering and community participation and to realized that helping those who are less fortunate is a core social responsibility. We also aim to raise awareness among our youth about the importance of helping people in our community who through their work and dedication make our community a better one. Zaytouna students will get the opportunity to volunteer and perform towards community or charitable causes and to organize their own activities. This involvement will help them build confidence, self-esteem, allow them to become active members of the community in which they live in.  

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