Zaytouna Academy of Cultural Arts


Zaytouna Performance Troupe 

Zaytouna performance troupe will be focused on developing and promoting the Palestinian popular dance and folklore. A group of talented dedicated and well trained team to support Zaytouna in taking up more external participation's, possible dance tours and enable an outreach program where we can extend this experience by possibly running dabke workshops in neighboring cities. We welcome experienced candidates to apply based on the following criteria:

  • Must be 16+ years old
  • You have been with Zaytouna for 3+ years
  • You have good crisp moves, excellent dabke skills, and able to learn independently though videos and observation        when needed.
  • Able and welling to train 2 hrs / week
  • Able and welling to dedicate 1 hour per week to review videos and training material when needed
This will be done in a phased approach where we will match 6 Shabab & 6 Sabaya - Then a second phase of up to 6 Sabaya (for the girls focus dances like Yadi, Mariam etc.)

Interested candidates apply below:

You don't meet one of the criteria but  you believe we should still consider you, Submit and tell us why!